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Dmitry Loginov
Director of Ecohome
Ecohome was the first Belarusian company to organize the production of wooden houses.

For 16 years we have been helping people to become masters of their own comfortable housing. During this time we managed to create a reputation as a strong and reliable company, which has everything for successful cooperation. Ecological building materials, professional experienced employees, modern design and production — this is exactly what "Ecohoom" offers.

Wooden houses in recent years are gathering more and more fans. And there is no wonder, because such housing can boast of strength, warmth and outer luster. Such houses require minimal finishing, ideally combining with the landscape of the plot and help to create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort in the interior. Wood absorbs carbon dioxide, so it always will be fresh air in your wooden house. In addition, wooden house is a kind of doctor, because natural materials has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, positively affects on the health of people who suffering from allergies, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases.

Houses from the company "Ecohome" - it is comfort for you and your loved ones!
The professional life of our company began in 2002, when a Lithuanian entrepreneur launched one of the most advanced at that time technological lines, in the village of Vysokoe, for the production of round logs with diameters from 140 to 240 mm.
The year brought changes in the work of the enterprise: in this year was formed a new team of architects and designers, managers and builders, united by one common idea — we build, as for ourselves.
The next year in the center of Minsk a spacious office of our architectural and design bureau, specializing in the design of wooden houses on a turn-key basis, was opened. At the same time, the first project of the company was developed — S-011 — which is still among the leaders in sales.
Since 2010, the production of profiled beams began, and after the first deliveries of wooden houses to Cyprus — our close cooperation with the Cyprus company, which continues today.
The year is noteworthy for our online activity: own accounts on Facebook and the YouTube channel allowed us to become closer to customers, and the previously created ecohome.by site entered the TOP-10 sites of Belarus in the "Construction" section.
In anticipation of the end of the world, we managed to release an unusual calendar "Life with a log", arranged a contest for the best estate, become sponsors of the 30th World Logging Championship, presented the 100th architectural and draft project, and also began to complete wooden houses with long-awaited Siberian larch.
In 2013, we modernized the production, replaced the old sawmill and installed new sawing complexes, updated the profiling machine.
2014 was marked by the acquisition of our own Volvo Logging Truck, the installation of a special bath for wood antiseptic prod., and active participation in the 1st conference "Wooden Housing: State and Prospects".
The following year, our architect Elena Azhirey became the Chief Architect of the project, we built the 100th anniversary house and the first house from Siberian cedar, and also began to produce a rounded log with a diameter of 260 to 320 mm. And a canopy area of 290 m2 made it possible to store and desiccate more than 200 m3 of blanks for houses.
In 2016, the technological process has completely changed: now all houses are made from dried billet that is stored under a canopy for at least three months. The key event was the release of detailed infographics, which helps to choose the right wooden house, and a new calculator for calculating its value in just a few seconds.
Ecohome production
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Manufacture of houses from round logs, profiled and glued beams is located in Vysokoe village in Smolevichy district. The enterprise, which started work in 2002, became one of the pioneers of this direction in Belarus.

The production equipment makes it possible to produce a round log with a diameter of 140 to 320 mm in 20 mm increments, a profiled and glued beam measuring from 120 × 160 to 200 × 160 mm.

The woodworking shop is designed for an annual output of finished products in the amount up to 3 000 m3. The equipment park allows to provide a full cycle of wood processing.
The company's products are in great demand in the Republic of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the Baltic countries, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Cyprus, France, Turkey and Lebanon.

Our specialists constantly monitor the process of processing parts for construction. We do not accept deviations greater than 1-2 mm.
Process of round logs production
Houses made of rounded beam not only benefit from the aesthetics of the structure. The ease of the tree will save you on laying the foundation and will enable you to build a house on soft soils
The log is processed on the machine of preliminary turning - remove the tension. Next, the log is fed to the mechanized storage ramp and passes through the round-boring machine of the through type. On the rounded bar select a longitudinal groove and make a temperature cut.
The beam is cut into size and marked according to the design documentation (the licensed design program is "K3-Cottage").

Then there is a cutting of the corner joints and drilling under the studs, nagel, electrician.
The next operation — milling under the trim from the window and door openings and the selection of a quarter under the casing bar, as well as the packaging of finished parts in transport packages along the rims.

Then — the impregnation of the transport antiseptic by the dipping method.
Stages of profiled beam production
Buildings from profiled beams are erected within one month. Thanks to this you will know for sure that the construction of the house will take no more than one season
Bar (timber) produced on the band sawmills Lignuma MM-700HK & Wood-Maizer LT40. Than bar puts under the overhang, where it is stored up 3 months and rdies up to a humidity of 16-18%.
Then it gets into the drive in front of the complex German line with NPC SMB, then it fits into size, cuts the corner joints, drills under nails, studs, electricians, selects under the casing bar and is labeled according to the design documentation.
The finished parts are packaged in transport bags. Then, they are impregnated wirh the transport antiseptic by the dipping method.
Production of laminated veneer lumber
The level of heat losses of a wooden house with a wall of 200 mm is comparable in parameters with a wall of red brick with a thickness of 1000 mm
The process technology is the same as in the production of profiled beams. Excludes only the operation with logging. In the production of materials for houses from laminated veneer lumber, all qlued blanks of the desired section are immediately delivered to production.
Wood larch — one of the most durable materials, the strength of which is comparable to the strength of oak. Larch has good fire resistance, does not turn blue, is not attacked by wood insects, and is also resistant to the effects of atmospheric precipitation. That is why it is often used for the production of various finishing materials
Planed board
Due to the strength of the material, it is often used for building fences, making rafters, beams and logs.
Terrace board
Larch is practically not exposed to atmospheric influences, and therefore it is often used for laying open terraces.
Block house
High-quality universal building material that can be used for both interior and exterior decoration.
The pronounced pattern of annual rings is clearly visible on all cross-sections of wood and gives the planed surfaces a beautiful structure, similar to the structure of red oak.
The floor board from a larch on the hardness and wear resistance practically does not concede to an analogue from an oak.
Simulation of the bar
Suitable for sheathing of a timber house, structures from foam blocks, monolithic concrete. Simulation of the beam is widely used in frame structures of walls for sheathing from the outer and inner sides.
Cement-sand tiles are considered to be the best and lasting material for a wooden house. An indisputable plus is the additional load from the tile on the wooden house in the process of shrinkage, which subsequently favorably affects the structure itself
The popularity of cement-sand tiles is associated, first of all, with the availability of this roofing material. In addition, houses with such tile look much more attractive than houses with a different roof. And thanks to its durability, the roof, covered with cement-sand tiles, will retain its original appearance for 100 years.

Cement-sand tiles «Zabudova» is a high-quality roofing material, which is produced on German equipment using the technology of the companies Sсhade and Сlaudius Peters. The distinctive features of this shingles are ecological compatibility, resistance to any atmospheric impact and excellent sound insulation. Thanks to a special coating made of water-repellent polyester with special additives, the tile is protected from fading, rotting, corrosion and build-up.

The entire production process is supervised by specialists, and each batch of products is checked for compliance with STB 1002-2003 and DIN EN 490, EN 491, which indicates a high quality of the product.
Built houses
Annually we build more than 50 new houses, bathhouses and arbors. We plan to increase the capacity of production in order to double this figure in the future. Every month we publish photo reports from construction sites so you can track the process of building a house and evaluate our work.

As you know, the construction of a wooden house for a fine finish - it's not a fast one. Yes, it is possible to erect the house itself in 1-2 months, but it will take 1-3 years to complete it.

“ I believe that a wooden house is a real living organism, like a person, first born, and eventually grows old and at some point fades, when it completely releases all juices from itself."
— Lyudmila Ivanova
The house in Gorodishche
Project: S-133
Material: profiled bar 160 × 200 mm
Total area: 246 m2

A spacious house for a large family with six bedrooms was built in 2015. In the modified version of the S-133 project, the living space has been increased: there are 7 children in the family, so there was no way to do without a large number of bedrooms. The image of the noble ancestral nest is complemented by large panoramic windows and a laconic façade with an extended balcony and a spacious terrace.
The house in the Cherevki village
Project: S-107
Material: profiled bar 160 × 200 mm
Total area: 180.48 m2

A large cozy house made of round logs is distinguished by its original appearance. The house has two entrances, one of which leads to a spacious glassed veranda. On the second floor, in addition to a small balcony - a luxurious outdoor terrace. The carved elements of the handrails and beautiful kokoshniks over the windows harmoniously fit into the appearance of the house.
The house in st. Viacha
Project: S-90
Material: profiled bar 160 × 200 mm
Total area: 143.04 m2

A modern wooden house in Scandinavian style with clear straight lines, a spacious corner terrace and a flat roof. On the left side there is a carport and another small terrace that allows you to enter the house directly from the parking lot.
The house in the village Visokoe
Individual project
Material: cylindred logs 240 mm
Total area: 106.36 m2

The wooden house is made in the form of the letter "G". Thanks to this layout, it is very compactly located on the site, leaving enough free space. In addition to the unusual shape, the house stands out due to the material: large round logs with a diameter of 240 mm.
The house in the village Uzborje
Project: S-135
Material: profiled bar 160 × 200 mm
Total area: 88 m2

Compact wooden house without the usual terraces and balconies, the interior space of which is thought through to the smallest detail. On the first floor in front of the entrance is a tambour, then a small boiler room, a combined bathroom, which for greater economy is placed through the wall from the kitchen, and a spacious living room. The second floor is a secluded area: there are two bedrooms and a small dressing room.
The house in Loshany
Project: S-130
Material: occiluted log 240 mm
Total area: 132.91 m2

This wooden house, located 20 km from Minsk, it is as light and spacious as possible. This effect is due to the lack of interfloor overlap. Customers are a family with children and cannot do without a car, instead of the usual garage, we decided to build a canopy. It turned out convenient, beautiful and budget.
The house in Sosnovoe village
Project: S-99
Material: profiled bar 160 × 200 mm
Total area: 163.4 m2

Traditional forms and a beautiful combination of natural wood with a pale carmine roof are reflected in the architect's bold idea. The house was built according to the modified project of 2009, but thanks to an updated design and layout it fully meets the wishes of its owners.
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